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Epimenides (c. 7 century B.C.) once made a long pilgrimage to meet Buddha. When he finally met him, Epimenides said, "I have come to ask a question. What is the best question that can be asked and what is the best answer that can be given?"

Buddha replied, "The best question that can be asked is the question you have just asked, and the best answer that can be given is the answer I am giving."

Raymond Smullyan
5000 B.C. and Other Philosophical Fantasies
St. Martin's Press, NY, 1983

CTK Exchange is a page devoted to questions and answers concerning my pages and math in general. Several reasons led me to starting this page:

  • From time to time visitors ask me questions I think might be of general interest.
  • Sometimes I do not know answers and hope that somebody will come up with the right idea.
  • Yet at other times an onlooker may have an idea that would enrich the question or the answer or both.

Thus every one can suggest and post either questions or answers on this page subject to one condition. I welcome your participation.

Please use the new form-based message board to post your questions and answers. All forums there are moderated. Even very urgent messages(!) will be answered in turn if at all.

Below is the archive of the pre-board exchange.

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You are welcome to submit your remarks, observations or solutions to any problem. Difficult and unsolved problems are marked with

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