Subject: Circle cutting
Date: Sun, 11 May 1997 20:13:15 PDT
From: Andy Pluff

I was given a circle. On this circle there can be x amount of points. every point has a segment touching all other points. for every number of points there are a number of segments crossing the circle. by crossing they form regions. The question is: find the formula for the amount of regions given x amount of points. for 2 points there are 2 regions. for 3 points there are 4 regions. for 4 points there are 8 regions. for 5 points there are 16 regions for 6 points there are 32 regions. for 7 points there are 64 regions. I found the formula for number of dots (2-7) Regions = 2^n-1. The problem is that it doesn't work for any number of dots past 7. Please help me!!!!!!

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