Subject: Re: Guest book
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 07:50:57 -0400
From: Alexander Bogomolny


You raised so many different issues that I only may try answering one at a time.

> It is my pleasure to read your guess book, although I agree that
> mathematics is very fun, exciting...

I hope you judge math and my site not by the guest book but by the many pages that are devoted to all kinds of math.

> especially I also fail in mathematics examination of my school...
> It makes me a little bit bored with mathematics.

Look, are you only bored with your math? Your English is not very good either. I am not scolding you. (My English might benefit from a few refresher lessons too.) I just want to turn your attention to an obvious fact. You made avoidable mistakes (guess instead of guest, who instead of how, explorer instead of explore.) Does it make you bored with English?

> My HTML site is :

I have visited your home page. Why do you advertise it? Is there a message you want to send into the broad world? Are bored with creating home pages? Have you finished your comics?

> So can you give me some instruction or advice to improve my
> mathematics?

Work harder, try to invlove yourself with what you do, do not expect immediate rewards. The satisfaction and the pleasure come of a realization of having achieved something despite the obstacles, unfortunate circumstances, etc.

> And who can you explorer so many funny tricks of
> mathematics? I want to know that, thanks.

This sentence beats me. I can interpret it in at least three different ways:

  1. You liked the math on my pages and wonder how or from where I got so many tricks at my site.

    I have a Ph.D. in Mathematics which at least implies a prolonged schooling and a degree of dedication. I continuously read math and think of what I read. Last year I spent $1,600 on math books.

  2. You found many funny tricks at my site and wonder how you may explore them all.

    One at a time. There is no rush.

  3. After visiting my site you came to the conclusion that math may be fun but still wonder whether one may enjoy all of it.

    Enjoy as much or as little as suits you.

Do you have more questions?

Alexander Bogomolny

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