Subject: Re: Guest book
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 07:07:04 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jack Cheung

Dear sir,

Oh, sorry sir, I always make error when typing (eg. who->how) I do not have this problem when I write articles.

In fact, I'm not an American, but I think that English is so funny sometimes, because one of my English Teacher-Silva(foreigner) tell me that "The fastest way to learn English is to live in an English world" and "Just think English as a kind of language, not a subject". So I always watch some English movies or listen to some English songs. I can remember some of the names like "American Trail" and the famous movie/pictures "Jurassic Park (Including Lost World)". So English is not so bored, it is so nice. But most of the Chinese, Japanese... think that English is so bored because they learn it from school only or maybe they have problems in speaking and listening English. Sometimes, I think reading English books about computer knowledge is better than that of Chinese because their techinque is higher than that of Chinese.

I am so attractive with your homepage, not guest-book only, but because your words are so difficult(Mathematics!), so I think that. Can you have some explanation...(eg. The chocolate bar trick). In fact, their is typing error :> , I type homepage wrong as guest-book. Because I type it fast and I don't check it.

About Comix (A special word create by me, NOT comics). Yes, I have finished comix, but because their is some other problem, so I delete it from my homepage hyper-link. It is full of Chinese word, so you may just explore it, ignore it's word. the site is (since became unavailable)

Thank you for your replying.
Keep contact.

Your Sincerely,

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