Subject: Re: Getting wet
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 1998 01:23:16 -0400
From: J. Randall Byrd, R.F.

Use common sense to solve this problem. If rain falls at a constant rate straight downward on an immobile subject,then the vertically exposed parts of the body accumulate a set water volume per unit of time (negating the effects of runoff). When one runs, one still accumulates the set volume per unit of time, plus the amount which accumulates in those areas which are not vertically exposed. In this case, one is actually running into (and accumulating) raindrops which would have actually hit the ground if the subject was still. If the exposure time is equal in both cases, the runner will get wetter. However, one runs to lessen the amount of time one is exposed. If the runners non-vertically accumulated rain is less than the difference in the volume rate * the exposure times, then the runner will not be as wet as one who is still !

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