Subject: Re: Are there math secrets?
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 12:22:57 -0400
From: Alex Bogomolny

Do you have math secrets on your site? If so where are they?

I do not have math secrets. You can read whatever you choose. However, look into arithmetic/rapid/index.html. Perhaps this is what you have in mind.

> And how can I become better at math?

And how do you become better at driving a bicycle or playing soccer? It's about the same with mathematics: practice. There is no magic. It helps to believe that you can do it. And I say that one may not become a great mathematician but everyone can improve one's math. This is a fact. Please believe me that in the process you will also start enjoying math as well. It's a great fun.

All the best,
Alexander Bogomolny

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