Subject: Re: Checkmarks
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 1997 23:31:13 -0500
From: Alexander Bogomolny


* is the plain multiplication. The thing that looks as the check mark is the square root. Sorry if that's not clear. Just in case, [] means "the whole part", i.e., the largest integers that does not exceed a given number.

You may want to look into

From Arithmetic and Algebra:

  1. Three glass puzzle
  2. Hour glass timing
  3. Selfreference
  4. Mathematical proof
  5. Breaking Chocolate Bars

From Geometry

  1. Moebius strip is funtastic for kids
  2. Cycloids is a drawing fun
  3. Shapes of Constant Width
  4. Indexing of Julia Sets

Among Games (activity not theory):

  1. Fif
  2. Sending scouts into desert
  3. Peg Solitaire
  4. Magic Squares
  5. Nim

Other puzzles may also be entertaing for a 7 year old. Mind you math is not just counting.

Time permitting, tell me if they like anything particularly.


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