Subject: Re: How to win the lottery (sort of)
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2000 13:18:52 PST
From: Christopher A. Pellegrino

This is just something interesting I use on people regarding the lottery:

I'm originally from New York where (I think) the "Lotto" uses 54 numbers and you must choose 6. I do not normally play the lottery unless the jackpot is unusually high AND I feel like stopping by a store to buy a ticket. When asked why I don't play more often, I respond with a question: "What numbers do you pick?" After they respond, I come back with "Why don't you use 1-2-3-4-5-6?" "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THOSE NUMBERS WOULD NEVER COME UP!" is the usual response. Then I have to break the news to them that the odds of those numbers coming up are the exact same as any other combination of 6 numbers. Rarely do they believe me...

Christopher A. Pellegrino
Mechanical Engineer
Rodgers Instruments LLC

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