Squares on Sides of a Quadrilateral
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Erect similarly oriented squares on the sides of a quadrilateral $ABCD.$ Denote their centers successively $O_{1},$ $O_{2},$ $O_{3},$ and $O_{4}.$ Then


$O_{1}O_{3} = O_{2}O_{4}$



$O_{1}O_{3} \perp O_{2}O_{4}.$


Let $M$ be the midpoint of $AC.$ By the Finsler-Hadwiger theorem,

$MO_{1} = MO_{2}$ and $MO_{1} \perp MO_{2}$

and also

$MO_{3} = MO_{4}$ and $MO_{3} \perp MO_{4}.$

Therefore, triangles $MO_{1}O_{3}$ and $MO_{2}O_{4}$ are equal and one is a rotation of the other through $90^{\circ}.$ Hence, (1) and (2) hold.


  1. If any two adjacent vertices of a quadrilateral coalesce into a point, the statement just proven becomes a property of the Bride's Chair configuration.

  2. The theorem we just proved is attributed to Van Aubel (Von Aubel in [Gardner, p. 176-178]) could also be found in [de Villiers, Yaglom, Finney] among others.

  3. The argument falls through in case one of $O_{1}O_{3}$ or $O_{2}O_{4}$ is of zero length. This case is considered elsewhere. There it is shown that the two distances are either both 0 or not. The former case occurs iff the diagonals of the quadrilateral are equal and perpendicular.

  4. The problem has a simple consequence.

  5. There is an additional exploration of this configuration.

  6. As a consequence, the quadrilateral with vertices at the midpoints of the sides of quadrilateral $O_{1}O_{2}O_{3}O_{4}$ is a square. (This was problem 11328, Am Math Monthly 114 December 2007.)

  7. There is an interesting degenerate case.


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