TacTix is a derivation from Nim invented by Piet Hien in the late 1940s. It is played on a N×N board filled with chips. At a turn, a player removes a number of contiguous chips from a single row or column. TacTix's normal game is trivial: if N is odd there is a winning strategy for the first player; if N is even there is a winning strategy for the second player. (In both case, the clever player would utilize the central symmetry of the board.) Hence, TacTix is played in its misère variant: the player to pick the last piece loses the game.

This applet requires Sun's Java VM 2 which your browser may perceive as a popup. Which it is not. If you want to see the applet work, visit Sun's website at https://www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp, download and install Java VM and enjoy the applet.

What if applet does not run? Applet parameters (Name - Type - Description): bgColor - integer - Background color (24-bit RGB hex int) title - string - Applet title text newGame - string - New Game button text move - string - Move button text beginner - string - Beginner level text intermediate - string - Intermediate level text expert - string - Expert level text yourMove - string - Player Move status text thinking - string - Computer Thinking status text playerWin - string - Player Win status text tactixWin - string - Computer Win status text ---------------------------------------------------------->

The applet is courtesy of www.mazeworks.com, Copyright © 2002 Robert Kirkland. All Rights Reserved.


  1. M. Gardner, Hexaflexagons and Other Mathematical Diversions, The University of Chicago Press, 1988

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