Triangulated Dinosaur

Triangulated Dinosaur is just an exercise included solely for entertainment purposes. I discovered a dinosaur's map, i.e., a list of vertex coordinates and association of vertices to faces in an old software development kit. The format in which the map was written was different from the one I use in the applet which displays most of the polyhedrons at this site. Converting the formats was not difficult, but I can't assure of the accuracy. Obviously, some triangular faces are missing, and I do not know which is the cuplrit - my conversion or the original map. Patching the beast would have proved to be quite time consuming. Treat the one you see as wounded, say. As it is, it sports 555 vertices and 1043 faces, with an obscur number of edges.

What if applet does not run?

Drag the mouse to rotate the dodecahedron. Use the right button to remove and put back individual faces.

(Acknowledgement: I have learned most of Java details from the implementation by Meiko Rachimow.)

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