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Subject: "pythagorean theorem question"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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David Runion
Sep-19-07, 06:10 AM (EST)
"pythagorean theorem question"
   I understand that A2+B2=C2 from the geometry classes I took in high school. My question is if there is a whole number that can be used for both A and B where the result for C will be a whole number. I am not talking about an equation like 3squared + 4squared = 5squared. I am interested in a number where A and B are the same whole number and C is a whole number using this equation. I tried to find this number many years ago using programs I wrote in Q-Basic but never had any luck. Does this number exist or am I just chasing a rainbow?

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Charter Member
2078 posts
Sep-19-07, 09:21 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: pythagorean theorem question"
In response to message #0
   I am afraid your search may be futile as there is no integer numbers A and C such that

A² + A² = C²

See, for example,


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