The only way to create a movie I know of is with the help of the Mathcad software package. Thus a few movies (avi files) I created owe their existence to this superb software tool and an excellent organization and maintenance of the MathSoft Web site where one can find dozens of good examples. Every single movie below is described by a set of equations of varying degree of difficulty. Naturally, all have to do with a little of Trigonometry, equations of curves and 2D and 3D transformations. All of them appear in one context or another elsewhere on these pages.

  1. Creation of a Moebius strip (267264 bytes)
  2. A twisting Moebius strip (155648 bytes)
    An animated gif file (295853 bytes) is also available
    Steven Tan from the Netherlands sent me a smallish twisting Moebius strip. It's also an animated gif that takes all of 8084 bytes.
  3. Creation of a Moebius strip, front view (303104 bytes)
  4. Formation of a 3-knot (437248 bytes)
  5. Formation of a knot (437760 bytes)
  6. Transforming a cube into a sphere (258560 bytes)
  7. Creation of a torus (389120 bytes)
  8. Creation of Klein's bottle (389140 bytes) Play with it in slow motion

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