Candido's Identity

Giacomo Candido (1871-1941) has invented a formula that seems to have been published posthumously ten years after his death:


The formula can be easily verified by carrying through the operations involved. There is also a proof without words by Alsina and Nelsen:

Candido's formula - a proof without words

Candido applied the formula to establishing a property of the Fibonacci numbers:


The formula is little known - I found it mentioned only in a recent book by R. Grimaldi.

Alsina and Nelsen generalized the question by asking for solutions \(f\) of the functional equation

\(f(f(x) + f(y) + f(x + y)) = 2 [f(f(x)) + f(f(y)) + f(f(x + y))].\)

They proved that, assuming \(f\) is continuous function from \([0,\infty)\) onto \([0,\infty)\) such that \(f(0) = 0\), the solution is unique (up to a constant factor), \(f(x)=x^2\). There are really great many discontinuous solutions. Any \(f\) with the property that \(f(x) =0\) for rational \(x\) and \(f(x)\) rational (but arbitrary!), otherwise, satisfies the generalized equation!

R. S. Melham extended the property of the Fibonacci numbers by showing (among others) that



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