The man whose buddy is an abacus
has a friend he can count on.

G. Patrick Vennebush
Math Jokes 4 Mathy Falks
Robert D. Reed Publishers, 2010

Abacus in Various Number Systems

Please try switching to IE 11 (Windows) or Safari (Mac), for no other browser nowadays runs Java applets. If asked whether to allow the applet to load, click Yes - the applet is signed with a security certificate from a trusted company.

Abacus in various number systems

What if applet does not run?

You can display two abaci at the same time. If the Sync button is checked, then your actions on one of the abaci, are reflected in reverse on the other. This is how they are used. Place some numbers on the two abaci, and then check the Sync button. Start removing counters from one of the abaci. The same quantity will be added to the other abacus.


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