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Subject: ""live contest""     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Member since May-22-04
Dec-13-04, 05:23 PM (EST)
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""live contest""
   i have a proposal for u.how about organising an online "blitz" math competition?respecting the analogy to chess,we could define the use of the online forum as an email "champ" while its prudent that math lovers miss the real fun,the "blitz".(blitz is supposed to keep from5 to 15 min max while rapid from 15 to 60 min max.after that its..class) therefore we can consider these kind of champs as a "widing" of the world mathematical competitions,while they can be far more interesting since they will be open to public.plus,to become more clear let me do one more reference to chess that is specifically the"problem solving".there the well known "solving show deals with relatively easy problems that the crowd can follow.here is the point:concerning math, while to that level the acquaintence with it for mathematiciens will not be of any interest at all,they may be attracted
with tasks of the type"solve in n ways"where n is defined by organisers. what do u say?

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Charter Member
1396 posts
Dec-13-04, 07:45 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: "live contest""
In response to message #0
   Well, the logistics of the enterprise is not trivial. In my experience, it is not sufficient to have a good idea. It is also necessary to have a good organization to do the job.

Math competitions of the sort you suggest, almost have no meaning online, because solution verification is unlikely to be made automatically. I once came across a web site with online exercises that would not accept 2/3 as the correct solution to a problem whose correct answer was 4/6.

Also, would you pay, say, $5 to take part in such a competition?

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