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Subject: "Binary EA Example"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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need help
Nov-15-04, 04:01 PM (EST)
"Binary EA Example"
   The Binary Euclid Algorithm example on this site explains the algorithm fairly well. However, there is a point along the example that confuses me. At N=45 and M=3 it'says to right shift M. I would think that since both are odd you would subtract the two, which is really what the next line shows: N=42, M=3. Now, since N is even, I would think the next step is to right shift N while M stays the same, 3. In the end you still end up with 0 3 I think. I just wanted to know if I was understanding the algorithm correctly.

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Charter Member
1367 posts
Nov-15-04, 04:09 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Binary EA Example"
In response to message #0
   You are right. For N = 42 and M = 3, the action called for is N - M.

The mistake is due the copy&paste speed html writing. The responsibility os mine of course.

I appreciate very much your bringing this up.

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