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Subject: "Strange 'bedfellows' Pythagoras and Napoleon B."     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Maj. Pestich
Mar-28-06, 02:46 PM (EST)
"Strange 'bedfellows' Pythagoras and Napoleon B."
Hello Alex,

A short time ago in Mathworld I came across

Amazingly, the difference between the areas of the outer and inner Napoleon triangles equals the area of the original triangle (Wells 1991, p. 156).

As Johnny Carson used to say 'I did not know that.'

But this is not the reason I write this post.

This fact is a fine raw material for P. theorem proof.

Maybe someone will take pains to prove that the sides

of squares equivalent in area to two Napoleons and the

referrence triangle make a right triangle.

Would make a nice addition to the list, would it not?


Maj. Pestich

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Maj. Pestich
Mar-28-06, 05:41 PM (EST)
1. "RE: Strange 'bedfellows' Pythagoras and Napoleon B."
In response to message #0
It is quite possible that direction to convert triangles to

equivalent squares was a bum steer.

It may be more reasonable to convert just the original referrence

triangle into equivalent equilateral one.


Maj. Pestich

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