More Mathematical Morsels

Ross Honsberger


Morsel 1. A Surprising Property of the Integer 11
Morsel 2. An Unexpected Equality
Morsel 3. An Axithmetic Game
Morsel 4. Sangaku
Morsel 5. Pagan Island
Morsel 6. Persistent Numbers
Gleanings from Murray Klamkin's Olympiad Corners-1979
Morsel 7. An Application of van der Waerden's Theorem
Morsel 8. Patruno's Proof of a Theorem of Archimedes
Morsel 9. An Intractable Sum
Morsel 10. A Cyclic Quadrilateral
Gleanings from Murray Klamkin's Olympiad Corners-1980
Morsel 11. An Unlikely Perfect Square
Morsel 12. An Unlikely Symmetry
Morsel 13. Two Famous Diophantine Equations
Morsel 14. Brianchon and Ceva
Morsel 15. Playing on a Polynomial
Morsel 16. Overlapping Quadrants
Morsel 17. The Circle and the Annulus
Gleanings from Murray Klamkin's Olympiad Corners-1981
Morsel 18. On a Balanced Incomplete Block Design
Morsel 19. The Red and White Balls
Morsel 20. A Prime Number Generator
Morsel 21. Neuberg's Theorem
Morsel 22. A Geometric Calculation
Morsel 23. On Cubic Curves
Morsel 24. An Olympiad Practice Problem
Gleanings from Murray Klamkin's Olympiad Comers-1982
Morsel 25. A Quadruple of Consecutive Integers
Morsel 26. A Box-Packing Problem
Morsel 27. An Awkward Integral
Morsel 28. A Matter of Perspective
Morsel 29. Sequences of Nested Radicals
Morsel 30. Equations of Factorials
Gleanings from Murray Klamkin's Olympiad Comers-1983
Morsel 31. An Oft-Neglected Form
Morsel 32. A Theorem of Léon Anne
Morsel 33. Special Pairs of Positive Integers
Morsel 34. An Intriguing Sequence
Morsel 35. That Number Again
Morsel 36. A Rational Function
Morsel 37. An Unexpected Bijection
Morsel 38. An Unruly Sum
Gleanings from Murray Klamkin's Olympiad Corners-1984
Morsel 39. An Interesting Inequality
Morsel 40. A Series of Reciprocals
Morsel 41. On the Least Common Multiple
Morsel 42. A Family of Equations
Gleanings from Murray Klamkin's Olympiad Corners-1985
Morsel 43. Diophantine Reciprocals
Morsel 44. Another Series of Reciprocals
Morsel 45. An Illegible Multiple-Choice Problem
Morsel 46. On the Partition Function p(n)
Gleanings from Murray Klamkin's Olympiad Corners-1986
Morsel 47. Proof by Interpretation
Morsel 48. On a (n) and -r (n)
Morsel 49. A Surprising Result About Tiling a Rectangle
Morsel 50. An Amazing Locus
Morsel 51. Moessner's Theorem
Morsel 52. Counting Triangles
Morsel 53. A Geometric Mimimum
Morsel 54. The Probabilistic Method
Morsel 55. An Application of Generating Functions
Morsel 56. On Rat-Free Sets
Morsel 57. A Further Note on Old Morsel 23


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