Simple Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

In a word or story problem, the word more may indicate either the need for addition or subtraction in the translation of the problem into mathematical language. Below we shall consider a few examples. As in other word problems, it is important to separate the essential information from the specific coating of a particular problem.

(Note: In the applet below, all underlied words and numbers can be clicked on. Please feel free to do just that.)

// foreground color // background color // information pieces start with '@', followed by // a single letter from {v,a,f,e}, followed by ": ". // v - variable - anything that may change on a click // variables must precede all other pieces // f - formulation - word problem with embedded variables. // Many formulations are possible for a single problem. // Only one is shown at a time // e - equation - equation is like a formulation with a // potential provision to, e.g., enclose negative numbers // into parentheses // a - answer - like an equation, but allowed to have a parsable // portion. Parsables are written in the reverse Polish notations // with variables and operations separated by a comma // d - directive // define color, skip line // // whatever it is, a variable can be of the three types: // i = integer - on click changes up (right of center) and down (left of center) // a = attribute - any clickable and changeable word // v = variable - like an attribute but without related attributes // all 'name's below are 1 letter from [A-Ba-b1-0] // i, name, initial value, min, max // a, name, related attribute, list of values // v, name, list of symbols // formulations // equations

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(There are many more word problems discussed and solved at this site. The math tutorial continues with a similar approach over several additional examples.)

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