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Purposeful search for information on Internet seldom leaves one empty handed. In most instances it's fairly easy to find what one is looking for. In addition, Web page organization (with links to other sites) is such that often one gets much more than expected. While it is clearly impossible to keep following all the links (unless you became addicted, of course ;-), personally, more than once I was satisfied with taking time to follow an accidental link.

Below I offer links to news sites I visit quite regularly.
  • CNN has a superb multimedia site. They seem to have mastered the art of using the new media in the most consistent manner. I always get more than expected from their site. On the other hand, the anti-Israeli bias on CNN is peerless even among the generally biased world media. When every one else pointed out that the "right of return" was nowehere mentioned in the so-called Geneva "accords", a CNN report insisted its discussion was most detailed which was just an abrasive lie.
  • Jerusalem Post is one paper I subscribe to in an old fashioned way. With all due respect to the post service and servicemen, the electronic edition is by far more regular and immediate.
  • One of the more popular Hebrew newspapers - in the one language I like best.

You may not want to wait till the Jerusalem of Gold song loads. It's a file 604909 bytes in length. But if you do I hope you'll enjoy it.

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