Subject: tie the knot!!
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2000 13:08:54 -0600
From: T. Murlidharan Nair


I was going through your home page and was really intrigued by it. What you have said about mathematics and peoples attitude towards it is absolutely true. I feel this mainly arises from the lack of completely understanding the subject. Simply solving problems is not enough, understanding the physical meaning of the equation to the system that you are applying it to is really important. I am biologist and I have tought mathematics to my self and in this process I have always tried to look for books that give the physical meaning of the equations rather than making the reader get lost in equations. I am listing below a few books that I really liked and is fun to read

  1. This Chancy, Chancy, Chancy World By: Leonard Rastrigin
  2. The world is build on probability by Lev Tarasov
  3. Who is Fourier ? A Mathematical adventure by Lex publishers
  4. Introduction to mathematics for Life Scientists by Edward Batschelet

    You may want to add it to your list of books.


    T. Murlidharan Nair, Ph.D.
    Department of Medicinal Chemistry,
    University of Utah,
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

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