Subject: Your Website
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2001 00:16:30 -0000
From: Richard Bradley

I thought your website was excellent. I have puzzled at the strange polarity, particularly in America but also here in the UK, between those who are technically literate and those who ridicule such knowlege. I was looking at the page "maths was the most difficult subject I ever..." and I found the famous quote from Izaak Walton. I was shocked by this as it seems completely incongruous on a page of anti-maths quotes because it is, in my opinion, a complimentary observation on mathmatics. Walton opines that maths is an art form like angling and that it can never be fully learnt. Unless you have "fully learnt" mathematics, I might suggest that you move this quote to a more appropriate page, and you might also like to know it is from the "Compleat Angler" not the "Complete Angler".

Congratulations on a great website and good luck

Richard Bradley
Maths undergrad,
Cambridge University

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