Cryptarithms are brain teasers obtained when digits in numerical calculations have been replaced by letters. Customarily, distinct letters stand for different digits. Stars substitute for any digit and are not related to each other. Dots stand for a decimal point. Low case 'x' implies multiplication.

Another term, Alphametics, coined in 1955 by J.A.H.Hunter, denotes cryptarithms in which letters form meaningful words, often in meaningful phrases.

Mail me good examples of cryptarithms and I'll encode them with a proper reference to your URL, name or e-mail.

I hope a couple of features built into the program will make it convenient to tackle a teaser.

  1. All controls that originally display the same letter are related to each other so that changes in one cause the same changes in all the rest. However, to activate this feature you have to move out of the box being modified. Use tab or mouse for this purpose.
  2. Pressing 'Store' will store current appearance of the puzzle (subject to 1.)
  3. Pressing 'Restore' will restore configuration that was 'Store'd last.
  4. You can store several configuration and retrieve them one at a time, last stored will come out first.


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