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Otto Toeplitz


Otto Toeplitz, co-author of this book, died in Jerusalem on February 19, 1940, after having left Germany in the Spring of 1939. Toeplitz began his academic career in Göttingen as a disciple of David Hilbert, was then professor in Kiel and later in Bonn. His scientific work is centered around the theory of integral equations and the theory of functions of infinitely many variables, fields to which he has made lasting contributions.

The plan for this book arose at frequent meetings which the authors had, while Toeplitz was in Kiel and I was at the University of Hamburg. Both of us had repeatedly lectured about the subject matter of this book to a wider public. The manuscript was rewritten several times under mutual criticism. Toeplitz's great interest in the history of mathematics is still visible in the present edition. I remember with warm feelings the summer days in 1929 at Bonn, when together we put the last touches to the German manuscript. I am sure that Toeplitz would have been pleased and proud of the present English edition, a project of which he had often thought.

Philadelphia, 1956
Hans Rademacher


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