Hans Rademacher

Otto Toeplitz



  1. The Sequence of Prime Numbers
  2. Traversing Nets of Curves
  3. Some Maximum Problems
  4. Incommensurable Segments and Irrational Numbers
  5. A Minimum Property of the Pedal Triangle
  6. A Second Proof of the Same Minimum Property
  7. The Theory of Sets
  8. Some Combinatorial Problems
  9. On Waring's Problem
  10. On Closed Self-Intersecting Curves
  11. Is the Factorization of a Number into Prime Factors Unique?
  12. The Four-Color Problem
  13. The Regular Polyhedrons
  14. Pythagorean Numbers and Fermat's Theorem
  15. The Theorem of the Arithmetic and Geometric Means
  16. The Spanning Circle of a Finite Set of Points
  17. Approximating Irrational Numbers by Means of Rational Numbers
  18. Producing Rectilinear Motion by Means of Linkages
  19. Perfect Numbers
  20. Euler's Proof of the Infinitude of the Prime Numbers
  21. Fundamental Principles of Maximum Problems
  22. The Figure of Greatest Area with a Given Perimeter
  23. Periodic Decimal Fractions
  24. A Characteristic Property of the Circle
  25. Curves of Constant Breadth
  26. The Indispensability of the Compass for the Constructions of Elementary Ceometry
  27. A Property of the Number 30
  28. An Improved Inequality

Notes and Remarks


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