Hans Rademacher

Otto Toeplitz

"Excellent ... a thoroughly enjoyable sampler of fascinating mathematical problems and their solutions."

-Science Magazine

This outstanding book, requiring no more mathematical background than plane geometry and elementary algebra, will fill you with a growing sense of wonder and excitement as it draws you, topic by topic, into the fundamental ideas that make mathematics truly exhilarating.

Among the 28 subjects the authors have made sources of delight rather than apprehension are the sequence of prime numbers, the theory of sets, closed selfintersecting curves and the four-color problem. As they state in the Introduction: "It is the aim of these pages to show that the aversion toward mathematics vanishes if only truly mathematical, essential ideas are presented. This book is intended to give samples of the diversified phenomena which comprise mathematics, of mathematics for its own sake, and of the intrinsic values which it possesses."

"Each chapter is a gem of mathematical exposition ... It will not only stretch the imagination of the amateur, but it will also give pleasure to the sophisticated mathematician, "

-American Mathematical Monthly


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