The JOY of


Discovering Mathematics

All Around You

by Theoni Pappas

"The Joy of Mathematics is designed to help the reader become aware of the inseparable relationship of mathematics and the world by presenting glimpses and images of mathematics in the many facets of our lives.

-Science News

"The Joy of Mathematics is not just a mechanical reiteration of concepts: it explores the history of both concept and inventor, presents unusual exercises which challenge the mind to absorb not just the theory, but its practical application; and peppers its presentation with an abundance of black and white drawings which explore math relationships to science and human endeavors. This approach goes far beyond the usual mechanical presentation, linking math to vital, everyday life and adding cultural and historical influences to connect math concepts to realistic challenges. The tips, exercises and concepts are fun rather than tedious. "

-The Bookwatch

"The Joy of Mathematics presents the world of mathematics to readers in afresh, original way. For any reader, mathematician or not ... easily readable by all ... readily usable for enrichment ... I highly recommend it."

The Mathematics Teacher

"The Joy of Mathematics helps demystify this often misunderstood subject... randomly arranged topics retain the true essence of discovery. ... test your wits with Topo, a mathematical game; ponder over the Trinity of Rings; or juggle with a frustrating puzzle-this book gives glimpses of the many places math exists, helping you discover some of its treasures. "

-Curriculum Product Review


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