The Lighter Side of Mathematics

R.KGuy and R.E.Woodrow, eds.



The Strens Collection
Eugene Louis Charles Marie Strens

Part 1: Tiling & Coloring

Frieze Patterns, Triangulated Polygons and Dichromatic Symmetry, H. S. M. Coxeter & J. E Rigby

Is Engel's Enigma a Cubelike Puzzle? J. A. Eidswick

Metamorphoses of Polygons, Branko Grunbaum

SquaRecurves, E-Tours, Eddies, and Frenzies: Basic Families of Peano Curves on the Square Grid, Douglas M. McKenna

Fun with Tessellations, John E Rigby

Escher: A Mathematician in Spite of Himself, D. Schattschneider Escheresch,Athelstan Spilhaus

The Road Coloring Problem, Daniel Ullman

Fourteen Proofs of a Result About Tiling a Rectangle, Stan Wagon

Tiling R3 with Circles and Disks, J. B. Wilker

Part 2: Games & Puzzles

Introduction to Blockbusting and Domineering, Elwyn Berlekamp

A Generating Function for the Distribution of the Scores of all Possible Bowling Games Curtis N. Cooper & Robert E. Kennedy

Is the Mean Bowling Score Awful? Curtis N. Cooper & Robert E. Kennedy

Recreation and Depth in Combinatorial Games, Aviezri S. Fraenkel

Recreational Games Displays Combinatorial Games, Aviezri S. Fraenkel

Combinatorial Toys, Kathy Jones

Rubik's Cube-application or illumination of group theory? Mogens Esrom Larsen

Golombís Twelve Pentomino Problems, Andy Liu

A New Take-Away Game, Jim Propp

Confessions of a Puzzlesmith, Michael Stueben

Puzzles Old & New: Some Historical Notes, Jerry Slocum

Part 3: People & Pursuits

The Marvelous Arbelos, Leon Bankoff

Cluster Pairs of an n-Dimensional Cube of Edge Length Two, L. Z. Bouwer & W. W. Chernoff

The Ancient English Art of Change Ringing, Kenneth J. Falconer

The Strong Law of Small Numbers, Richard K. Guy

Match Sticks in the Plane, Heiko Harborth

Misunderstanding My Mazy Mazes May Make Me Miserable, Mogens Esrom Larsen

Henry Ernest Dudeney: Britain's Greatest Puzzlist, Angela Newing

From Recreational to Foundational Mathematics, Victor Pambuccian

Alphamagic Squares, Lee C. E. Sallows

Alphamagic Squares: Part II, Lee C. E. Sallows

The Utility of Recreational Mathematics, David Singmaster

The Development of Recreational Mathematics in Bulgaria, Jordan Stoyanov

V - E + F = 2, Herbert Taylor

Tracking Titanics, Samuel Yates

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