1. Probability and π
  2. Odd and Even Numbers
  3. Sylvester's Problem of collinear Triads
  4. The Algebra of Statements
  5. The Farey Series
  6. A Property of an
  7. Squaring the Square
  8. Writing a Number as a Sum of Two Squares
  9. The Isoperimetric Problem
  10. Five Curiosities from Arithmetic
  11. A Problem of Regiomontanus
  12. Complementary Sequences
  13. Pythagorean Arithmetic
  14. Abundant Numbers
  15. Mascheroni and Steiner
  16. A Property of Some Repeating Decimals
  17. The Theorem of Barbier
  18. The Series of Reciprocals of Primes
  19. Van Schooten's Problem

Solutions to Exercises



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