Indiscrete Thoughts

Gian - Carlo Rota


Foreword by Reuben Hersh

Foreword by Robert Sokolowski

Introduction by Gian-Carlo Rota

Part I. Persons and Places

  1. Fine Hall in its Golden Age
    Remembrances of Princeton in the Early Fifties

    Alonzo Church
    William Feller
    Emil Artin
    Solomon Lefschetz

  2. Light Shadows
    Yale in the Early Fifties

    Jack Schwartz
    From Princeton to Yale
    Josiah Willard Gibbs
    Yale in the Fifties
    Mathematics at Yale
    Abstraction in Mathematics
    Linear Operators: The Past
    Linear Operators: The Present
    Linear Operators: The Future
    Working with Jack Schwartz

  3. Combinatorics, Representation Theory and Invariant Theory
    The Story of a Manage a Trois

    Cambridge 02138 in the Early Fifties
    Alfred Young
    Problem Solvers and Theorizers
    Hermann Grassmann and Exterior Algebra
    Definition and Description in Mathematics
    Bottom Lines

  4. The Barrier of Meaning
  5. Stan Ulam
  6. The Lost Café

Part II. Philosophy: A Minority View

  1. The Pernicious Influence of Mathematics Upon Philosophy
  2. Philosophy and Computer Science
  3. The Phenomenology of Mathematical Truth
  4. The Phenomenology of Mathematical Beauty
  5. The Phenomenology of Mathematical Proof
  6. Syntax, Semantics, and the Problem of the Identity of Mathematical Items
  7. The Barber of Seville or the Useless Precaution
  8. Kant and Husserl
  9. Fundierung as a Logical Concept
  10. The Primacy of Identity
  11. Three Senses of 'A is B" in Heidegger

Part III Readings and Comments

  1. Ten Lessons I Wish I Had Been Taught
  2. Ten Lessons for the Survival of a Mathematics Department
  3. A Mathematician's Gossip
  4. Book Reviews

    Paul Halmos: a Life
    The Leading Line of Schaum's Outlines
    Professor Neanderthal's World
    Uses and Misuses of Numbers
    On Reading Collected Papers
    Short Book Reviews

End Notes

Epilogue by Fabrizio Palombi



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