Here are one hundred and fifty tantalizing brain-teasers devised by one of the great contemporary inventors of mathematical puzzles. Over one hundred problems are in cleverly worded story form-coin and change problems, relative ages, time and distance problems. Many of these situations could come up in everyday life. There are also a number of fine alphametics, innovative letter substitutions you will find specially attractive.

As welcome as the problems are Mr. Hunter's carefully worked-out solutions. These solutions not only tell you the correct answers, but stimulate you into new ways of approaching problems and new ways of thinking. As a special feature, five appendices introduce the most common and useful mathematical approaches to problem solving. These could greatly boost your problem solving skills.

There are few puzzlers as well-known or as charming as J. A. H. Hunter. Author of a syndicated puzzle column read throughout the United States and Canada, he has introduced thousands of people to this popular and rewarding recreation. This book is ample proof of his skill in making figures fun.


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