Mathematical Gems II

Ross Honsberger

"The reviewer found this little book a joy to read ... the text is laced with historical notes and lively anecdotes and the proofs are models of lucid, uncluttered reasoning." (about Mathematical Gems I)

P. Hagis, Jr., in Mathematical Reviews

"The book is designed to appeal to high school teachers and undergraduates particularly, but should find a much wider audience. The clarity of exposition and the care taken with all aspects of the explanations, diagrams and notation is of a very high standard." (about Mathematical Gems II)

K. E. Hirst in Mathematical Reviews

"These delightful little books contain between them 27 short essays on topics from geometry, combinatorics, graph theory and number theory. The essays are independent, and can be read in any order ... overall these are serious books presenting pretty mathematics with elegant proofs. These books deserve a place in the library of every teacher of mathematics as a valuable resource. Further, as much of the material would not be beyond upper secondary students, inclusion in school libraries may be felt desirable too." (about Gems I and II)

Paul Scott, in The Australian Mathematics Teacher


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