The Human Calculator Shows How to Master
Everyday Math Problems in Seconds


"The Human Calculator"
with Victoria Hay, Ph.D.

Balancing a checkbook, making and keeping a grocery budget, measuring floor space, figuring savings interest yield and credit-card interest debits-to millions of adults these calculations are not only intimidating but impossible. As students, many people did not receive a math education that was directly connected to the real world, and as adults they are ashamed of their "math illiteracy" and too embarrassed to do anything about it. But in Math Magic, Scott Flansburg, known nationwide as The Human Calculator, offers his unique, fun, and proven approach to mastering essential mathematics.

Already a celebrity through his popular lectures and Turn on the Human Calculator in You video, Scott has demonstrated his amazing math ability to millions of people, calculating long lists of large numbers into the far decimal range at speeds that beat an electronic calculator. And in Math Magic he shows you how to do it, too.

But Math Magic is not a book of tricks. It is a new method of learning that begins not with the traditional disciplines of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, but by looking at how numbers actually work. The shift in thinking is the key to being able to use math naturally and in everyday situations - even to compute long lists of difficult numbers without the aid of a calculator. From a simple base of skills readers will be shown the traditional disciplines in an amazing new light. In addition, readers will venture into geometry, percentages, metrics, fractions, and other areas where most people never dared go before, and be successful at it.

Past failures are no reason to give up on yourself. Through Scott Flansburg's program millions have been shown how to succeed where they have never had success before. Math Magic makes math what you may never have imagined it to be: easy and fun.


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