200% of Nothing


"In today's world, 'innumeracy' is an even greater danger than illiteracy, and is perhaps even more common. Advertisers and politicians exploit it; intellectuals (self-styled) even flaunt it. I hope that this wise and witty book will provide cures where they are possible, and warnings where they are necessary. It's also a lot of fun. I can guarantee that 100%."

-Arthur C. Clarke

"It is rare indeed when advertisers, politicians, pop economists, and drumbeaters for medical programs offer a statistical argument that is not either meaningless or downright deceptive. Professor Dewdney has given us a marvelous, witty account of such flimflams and how to guard against them. It is impossible to read this timely, important book without enjoyment and eye-opening enlightenment:"

-Martin Gardner

"Dewdney retells with charm and wit magnificent morsels of mathematical mayhem discovered by his army of volunteer 'abuse detectives' From 'sample trashing' to 'numerical terrorism: from 'percentage pumping' to 'dimensional dementia: 200% of Nothing plumbs the depths of innumeracy in daily life and reveals what ordinary people can do about it. A rich, readable, instructive and persuasive polemic."

-Lynn Arthur Steen
Professor of Mathematics St. Olaf College


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