Chaos and Fractals

The Mathematics Behind the Computer Graphics

The terms chaos and fractals have received widespread attention in recent years. The alluring computer graphics images associated with these terms have heightened interest among scientists in these ideas.

This volume contains the introductory survey lectures delivered in the American Mathematical Society Short Course, Chaos and Fractals: The Mathematics Behind the Computer Graphics, on August 6-7, 1988, given in conjunction with the AMS Centennial Meeting in Providence, Rhode Island. In his overview, Robert L. Devaney introduces such key topics as hyperbolicity, the period doubling route to chaos, chaotic dynamics, symbolic dynamics and the horseshoe, and the appearance of fractals as the chaotic set for a dynamical system. Linda Keen and Bodil Branner discuss the Mandelbrot set and Julia sets associated to the complex quadratic family z->z2 + c. Kathleen T. Alligood, James A. Yorke, and Philip J. Holmes discuss some of these topics in higher dimensional settings, including the Smale horseshoe and strange attractors. Jenny Harrison and Michael F. Barnsley give an overview of fractal geometry and its applications.


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