The Connoisseur's Guide to the Mind

Roger C. Schank

"Understanding the mind while learning how to order wine in a three-star restaurant: all right. Brilliant, zany, and hip, Roger Schank employs stories about good food and fabulous dining to give us some intriguing insights into how we think and remember. Reading TheConnoisseur’s Guide to the Mind is like watching a closeup magician: Even though you follow everything he does, you have no way of predicting where he's going with his magic or, once the trick has come off, how he did it. All you know is that you've observed a master at work, learned something, and had one hell of a good time in the process."

-Richard Restak, M.D.,
author of The Brain, The Mind,
and The Brain Has a Mind of Its Own

"Few cognitive scientists would have the chutzpah to organize a text around their own gastronomic adventures. Only Roger Schank could pull it off successfully."

-Howard Gardner, Project Zero,
Graduate School of Education,
Harvard University

"No one but Roger Schank would think of writing such a book. This is a good thing, because no one else could pull it off."

-Jerry Feldman,
Director of The International Computer Science Institute,
University of California, Berkeley

"What a marvelous structure for a book! Take the two things Roger Schank loves best-eating and studying the mind-and use the one as an excuse to talk about the other, causing the reader to become informed about both."

-Donald A. Norman,
Chair, Department of Cognitive Science,
University of California, San Diego,
author of The Design of Everyday Things


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