Mathematical Circles

(Russian Experience)

Dmitri Fomin, Sergey Genkin, Ilia Itenberg


Preface to the Russian Edition

Part I. The First Year of Education

Chapter 0.	Chapter Zero
Chapter 1.	Parity
Chapter 2.	Combinatorics-1
Chapter 3.	Divisibility and Remainders
Chapter 4.	The Pigeon Hole Principle
Chapter 5.	Graphs-I
Chapter 6.	The Triangle Inequality
Chapter 7.	Games
Chapter 8.	Problems for the First Year

Part II. The Second Year of Education

Chapter 9.	Induction (by I. S. Rubanov)
Chapter 10.	Divisibility-2: Congruence and Diophantine Equations
Chapter 11.	Combinatorics-2
Chapter 12.	Invariants
Chapter 13.	Graphs-2
Chapter 14.	Geometry
Chapter 15.	Number Bases
Chapter 16.	Inequalities
Chapter 17.	Problems for the Second Year

Appendix A: Mathematical Contests.
Appendix B: Answers, Hints, Solutions.
Appendix C: References.


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