Fruits Battle

Fruits Battle is a game of logic (Courtesy

In each of the cells on a 3×3 board there is one of fruits; the four are of different colors. The color of a fruit signifies its strength or power. The four colors from the weakest to the strongest are blue (plum), green (apple), red (pear), yellow (orange). The fruits can move vertically or horizontally such that when two of them happen in the same cell then, if they are of the same strength both disappear; otherwise, only the weakest of the two disappears. To make a move a player selects a cell and a direction (by clicking on a proper side of the fruit. The fruit moves in the chosen direction until it reaches the rim of the board or perishes by running into a stronger fruit. Fruits must interact on each move, i.e., a fruit can't move without hitting another fruit. The player to make the last move wins.


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