Mirror Maze

Given a square grid, width some squares blocked and some occupied by mirrors, the task is to travel through all the available cells without crossing the itinerary.

The rules are as follows:

  • You may not enter a blocked cell, which is filled with a solid square;
  • You may enter the square with a thin mirror (shown with a slash or a back slash) twice without crossing the slash;
  • You may enter the half solid mirror (shown as a painted triangle) only once through a non-painted part of it.

To connect the neighboring squares with a segment, click on their common side. If you need to remove a segment, just click on the edge again.

This Puzzle's task is to visit all of the vacant cells of the game field by drawing a closed line which does not cross itself.


Here're a few words of advice. It's a good idea to start with marking the parts of the route near square obstacles. It is also meaningful to mark the pieces of the route coming via the squares which have only two vacant sides. For example,


Now you can observe that some parts of the itinerary become forced. Fill them in. A closer look at the squares will suggest the right choices for additional pieces of the route. Bear in mind that the itinerary can not cross itself. You should eventually come up with the unique solution:


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