Euclid's Elements Reference Page

  • Book I
    Basic geometric notions and constructions. The first treatment of the Pythagorean theorem.

  • Book II
    Geometric algebra.

  • Book III
    Circles, inscribed angles, tangents, power of a point.

  • Book IV
    Inscribed and circumscribed triangles and regular pentagon, hexagon, quindecagon

  • Book V

  • Book VI
    Similar figures. The second treatment of the Pythagorean theorem.

  • Book VII
    Basics of Number Theory: primes, divisibility, GCD, LCM.

  • Book VIII
    Geometric sequence, proportions.

  • Book IX
    More of Number Theory: perfect numbers, sum of geometric series.

  • Book X
    Method of exhaustion.

  • Book XI
    Basics of the 3D geometry.

  • Book XII
    Volumes by the method of exhaustion.

  • Book XIII
    Golden section and Platonic solids.


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