aha! Gotcha

Paradoxes to puzzle and delight

Martin Gardner



  1. Logic. Paradoxes about truth-tellers, liars, crocodiles, and barbers.

    The Liar Paradox
    Buttons and Graffiti
    A Sentence and Its Opposite
    The Crazy Computer
    Infinite Regress
    The Plato-Socrates Paradox
    Alice and the Red King
    Crocodile and Baby
    The Don Quixote Paradox
    The Barber Paradox
    Astrologer, Robot, and Catalog
    Dull Versus Interesting
    Semantics and Set Theory
    Theory of Types
    The Swami's Prediction
    The Unexpected Tiger
    Newcomb's Paradox

  2. Number. Paradoxes about integers, fractions, and an infinite ladder

    The Six-Chair Mystery
    The Elusive Profit
    Population Implosion
    The Ubiquitous Number 9
    The Bewildered Bus Driver
    The Missing Dollar
    Magic Matrix
    The Curious Will
    The Amazing Code
    Hotel Infinity
    The Ladder of Alephs

  3. Geometry. Paradoxes about plane, solid, and impossible shapes

    Getting Around a Girl
    The Great Moon Mystery
    Mirror Magic
    Cubes and Ladies
    Randi's Remarkable Rugs
    The Vanishing Leprechaun
    The Great Bank Swindle
    The Amazing Inside-Out Doughnut
    The Bewildering Braid
    The Inescapable Point
    Impossible Objects
    A Pathological Curve
    The Unknown Universe

  4. Probability. Paradoxes about chance, wagers, and belie

    The Gambler's Fallacy
    Four Kittens
    Three-Card Swindle
    The Elevator Paradox
    The Bewildered Girlfriends
    Three-Shell Game
    Puzzling Parrots
    The Wallet Game
    The Principle of Indifference
    Pascal's Wager

  5. Statistics. Paradoxes about gismos, clumps, ravens, and grue

    The Deceptive "Average"
    Mother of the Year
    Jumping to Conclusions
    The Small-World Paradox
    What's Your Sign?
    Patterns in Pi
    Jason and the Sun
    Crazy Clumps
    An Amazing Card Trick
    The Voting Paradox
    Miss Lonelyhearts
    Hempel's Ravens
    Goodman's Grue

  6. Time. Paradoxes about motion, supertasks, time and reversed time

    Carroll's Crazy Clocks
    The Perplexing Wheel
    The Frustrated Skier
    Zeno's Paradoxes
    The Rubber Rope
    Mary, Tom, and Fido
    Can Time Go Backward?
    Time Machines
    The Tachyon Telephone
    Parallel Worlds
    Time Dilation
    Fate, Chance, and Free Will

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