Mathematical Gems II

Ross Honsberger



  1. Three Surprises from Combinatorics and Number Theory
  2. Four Minor Gems from Geometry
  3. A Problem in Checker - Jumping
  4. The Generation of Prime Numbers
  5. Two Combinatorial Proofs
  6. Bicentric Polygons, Steiner Chains, and the Hexlet
  7. A Theorem of Gabriel Lame
  8. Box - packing Problems
  9. A Theorem of Bang and the Isosceles Tetrahedron
  10. An Intriguing Series
  11. Chvatal's Art Gallery Theorem
  12. The Set of Distances Determined by n Points in the Plane
  13. A Putnam Paper Problem
  14. Lovasz’ Proof of a Theorem of Tutte

Solutions to the Exercises


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