How The Mind Creates Mathematics

Stanislas Dehaene

"From the origin of Roman numerals to the latest MRI results, everything you might like to know about numbers and the brain as filtered through the lively and engaging brain of Stanislas Dehaene."

- Discover

"It is now possible to see the brain as it listens, reads, communicates, and calculates. The Number Sense describes recent exciting findings oil now the brain calculates. In a clear and exciting way it provides the needed background to understand both the innate endowment of numeracy and what may be necessary to acquire the skills of' mathematics. For psychologists, neuroscientists, educators, and all who work with number, this book is of basic importance."

- Mike Posner, Professor of Psychology,
Department of Cognitive and Decision Sciences,
University of Oregon

"In his lively and readable book, Dahaene integrates the latest scientific evidence on how numbers are represented in the brains of animals and humans, then relates this knowledge to the challenges of' early mathematics education. Dehaene is masterful in his ability to explain complex scientific findings in a manner that will be accessible to any audience. His writing is clear, and his examples are fascinating, taking us through the worlds of animal mathematics, idiot savants, newborn infants, and split-brain patients. all as a means of understanding our innate sense of numbers."

- Jim Stigler, Professor of Psychology,
University of California,
Los Angeles


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