Outline Mathematics
Subtraction practice with numbers below 1000

There are oranges and apples on the table, 383 fruits in all. If there are 124 oranges, how many apples are there? Anser: apples.

729 children played hide-and-seek. There were 197 boys. How many girls were there? Answer: children.

Of 893 in Eli's collection, 279 are small; all others are big. How many big balls are there in Eli's collection? Answer: balls.

On a warm afternoon, 725 birds sit perching on wires. Of these, 14 were doves. The rest were swallows. How many swallows sat on wires? Answer: birds.

In a city parking lot, there parked 47 vehicles. 35 of them were cars, the remaining were trucks. How many trucks were in the parking lot? Answer: trucks.

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