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The Next Generation: What can we do now?

Each day we see more violence on the news, less money being allocated to our education system and more kids becoming addicted to video games, T.V and food. Sometimes we hear comments such as "if only we could go back to the good old days". But the truth is we cannot. We are stuck here and we must deal with the situation at hand. However there are things we as parents or educators can do to change the future generations of children.

Kids today spend hours being entertained by electronics. Sometimes because parents have lost control; other times because parents don't have the time or energy to enforce limits. I've been there and know how difficult it can be to tell a child 'no' to electronic entertainment. However in order to give them hope for the future we can and must set limits. But what do we do with all that 'free time' they will have on their hands? Start teaching them about the power that exists in this world and who is in control. They may roll their eyes at first, but when they start learning the rules of the game in "God's economy" they will soon be captivated and gain an appetite for more information.

For example, my son who is in kindergarten, likes spiderman, batman and cartoons. I do not tell him he cannot view these or own these toys. But do I take every opportunity that I am afforded to talk to him about the people in biblical times who began worshipping the false Gods and excluding the God of Abraham from their life as well as the results of their actions. I am not

preachy nor do I turn everything into a mini-sermon but I do want to draw comparisons on today's lifestyles to yesterday's parables. We own such a great children's bible(in that it brings stories to life)that he often asks for it instead of a book at night! Maybe you have a young boy into adventure and superheroes? Some of the children's bibles available today provide such spellbinding and heroistic accounts of the scriptures that most young boys cannot resist them. Not only that, but you are providing them a built-in bible lesson while being entertained. Does it get any better than that?

We must become accountable for our children's spiritual upbringing and not expect the sunday school program to do the work. Many kids are hungering for this knowledge and it is up to us as parents to provide that. There are so many great children's resources on the internet-some free, some not. Please feel free to access all resources on free of charge. If you get a kid hooked on God's promises and teach them the rules of the game early on; then you will have a successful adult who becomes responsible for him/herself and an asset to society.
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A parent of young children,sunday school teacher, as well as editor of the website, the author is primarily interested in raising the next generation to respect God's laws, learn his promises and come under his umbrella of favor.