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Book/Music Review: Murphy's Safety Songs

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Murphy’s Bone

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Murphy's Safety Songs
ISBN: 0-9748226-0-4
By Tim Young

Murphy's Safety Songs book and music CD is not only educational, but
it's cute, fun, and uplifting. I couldn't help but giggle, wiggle,
and dance to the fun beat. The songs are simple and catchy which
means any toddler can memorize them and since toddlers learn by
memorization, this is the perfect tool to teach little ones how to
care for their


Kindergartners can also have fun with Murphy's Safety Songs.
Learning to read has never been more fun as preschoolers read along
while listening to the songs on the CD. And finally, moms and dads
can get a refresher course on many safety issues dealing with dogs by
reading the short, concise tips in the back of the book. This is
definitely a book meant for the whole family!

In fact, it's the perfect gift for anyone looking to rescue a dog
from the pound, for preschool teachers looking for a new circle time
activity, or kindergartner teachers looking for a fun, new way to
help their children learn to read.

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