The applet helps you learn and practice with one of the fair division methods, viz., Method of Sealed Bids.

The method of sealed bids applies in the situation where several discrete items are to be divided between several bid participants, players in the applet. This is done under the Specify Bids tab. The number of items and the players may be specified through the controls at the bottom of the applet. Items are numbered 1, 2, ... and their names can't be specified. Those of the player can be.

Each of the players assigns a subjective value to each of the items. The applet tabulates the players assessments. To specify a value of an item for a player select the corresponding cell (which can be done with a mouse or the navigation keys), double click on it, or press F2, or just start typing. When finished, press Enter or simply select another cell (using the navigation keys or the mouse.) See that you do not remove the dollar sign ($).

After all the bids have been placed to your satisfaction, switch to the Process Bids tab. The controls at the bottom of the applet are arranged so as to allow execution of the bid processing for each player a step of at a time. Start with the Fair share control and select each player in turn. The relevant computations will appear in a popup window to the right of the applet. After verifying the fair share computations for all players, you may move to the results of the first settlement at which time the items are awarded to the highest bidder.

A word of warning: The method may run into a snag when two (or more) players have placed equal bids of the highest value for the same item. This is a seldom mentioned condition which the applet resolves by assigning the item to a randomly selected candidate player. In real life, unless the players are given are chance to upgrade their bids, they must agree to accept such a random selection.

Here is the applet.