The applet helps you learn and practice with one of the fair division methods, viz., Method of Markers.

The method of markers applies in the situation where the goods to be divided are either continuous or in a number essentially exceeding the number of players.

The goods are thought to be arranged in a linear fashion. Each of the, say N, players is required to split the goods into N parts, each of which he or she would willingly receive as a fair portion of the entirety of the goods. This is done by placing N-1 markers at the linear arrangement of the goods (N-1 markers produce a division of the goods into N groups/segments.)

Create Marker Distribution Tab

Under this tab you can specify the number of players (not to exceed 6) and their names and the number of items(not to exceed 40). The markers appear in boxes that could be moved horizontally. The boxes are designated with the player's name, color and a number 1 thourgh N-1. Drag the boxes to adjust the marker. Markers are made to snap in the positions between the goods that are displayed at the top of the applet. When dragged in between any two pieces of goods, the markers stay in their position after the release of the mouse button. Their position between the goods affects the final distribution.

Process Marker Distribution Tab

Under this tab you can see how the method works for a particular distribution of markers. The goods are expected to be split into segments awarded to each of the players. The segments are ordered left two right, according to the method's procedure. To see a segment make a selection from the dropdown control in the lower right corner of the applet. The shown segments inherit the color of the markers assigned to a particular player.

Here is the applet.