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Telephone: (732) 651-1020


Dr. Bogomolny is a freelance mathematician and educator presently seeking telecommuting teaching or courseware development opportunities.

November 1990 - present. CTK Software, Software Development and Consulting Company, Principal.

Interactive illustrations for a liberal arts mathematics textbook, Pearson Education.

Design, concept development and implementation of a Web site Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles. A popular site with the material being used by students and teachers alike.

Cut The Knot monthly column for MAA Online.

Business presentation and strategic modeling software. 

Expert system design and development.

Data capture and test report writing. 

Laboratory robot control software.

Real time acquisition and monitoring software.

July 1987 - November 1990. Vice President of Software Development of CompuDoc, Inc., a NJ multimedia and direct marketing company. Expert system, CBT courses and process simulation software. 

1984 - 1989. Assistant and Associate Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, University of Iowa. Designed and repeatedly taught a graduate course on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Graphics and Digital Geometry. Taught Numerical Analysis, Numerical Solution of ODE and PDE, ODE, PDE, Complex Variables, Finite Element Analysis, etc. Researched in numerical solution of integral equations and inequalities. Supervised students’ work on implementing various parallel algorithms on an Encore Multimax computer. Coded animated demonstrations of Conformal Mappings. Received grants from IBM, NSF, and University of Iowa. Resigned from the Department after two-year leave of absence with CompuDoc. 

1976 - 1983. Senior Instructor, educator, and researcher in Numerical Analysis, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, Ohio State University and University of Iowa. Taught virtually all undergraduate math courses. 

1974 - 1977. Senior programmer and software consultant, Lake Kinneret Research Laboratory, Tiberias, Israel. Harmonic Analysis of data, numerical data processing, graphical data visualization. 

1976 - 1977. Software consultant, Ben Gurion University in Negev, Be’er Sheva, Israel. Designed and implemented stochastic simulation of a large scale solar batteries performance and reliability. 

1971 - 1974. Junior research fellow, Moscow Institute of Electronic Control Devices, Moscow, USSR, numerical methods for electric circuit calculations, nonlinear programming. 


Ph.D. in Numerical Analysis, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, 1981. 

M.S. in Mathematics, Moscow State University, Moscow, USSR, 1971. 

FOREIGN LANGUAGES. Russian, Hebrew - fluent; French - reading. 

PUBLICATIONS. 10 papers in refereed scientific journals, nearly 20 educational games in an Amiga-based magazine, more than 1500 pages web site, 73 monthly columns for the MAA Online, 2 articles for JOMA, 1 article for the MAA FORUM, 12 book reviews for MathDL.



·        IBM Technological grant (1985-1986),

·        University of Iowa Old Gold Fellowship (1986),

·        NSF reasearch grant (1985-1986),

·        NSF/NCTM ICME-9 travel grant (2000),

·        NSF JOMA project (2000-2001) - consultant.


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